«Priority Directions of Economic Risk Management in the Sphere of Communication and Informatization in the Process of Formation of Information Society in Uzbekistan»


  • Erkin Niyazov BuxDPI


The article is devoted to the problems and priority areas in the management of economic risks in the field of communication and information in the formation of the information society in Uzbekistan. At the current stage of market relations, the quality of organizations and enterprises a directly proportional to the effective implementation of information technologies. H'ith the intensive development of information technologies, the volume of data exchange significandy increases, which leads to new problems in production management High competition in the market of information technologies contributes to the emergence of specific risks that are important for innovative sectors of the economy. The key point in risk management in the information and communication sphere is its assessment In our view, these estimates have quantitative and qualitative characteristics. The essence of the proposed risk management scheme in this article is that the main objective of risk management is to organize regular monitoring of risks associated with risks and risk indicators, rather than insurance and risk forecasting. The content of risk indicators is that when elements of an economic entity slip into the risk side, they begin to give certain signals. Risk indicators are the set of aggregate economic indicators which allow monitoring of the local manifestation of various risks and, if necessary, respond properly to certain risks in order to achieve the desired results. Based on signals from risk indicators, a risk assessment methodology is revealed which includes synthetic, qualitative and quantitative assessment. The concluding pan of this article contains several proposals …