Athena: Physical Education and Sports Journal

The Development of Jumping Ability in Young Handball Players 12-13 Years Old


  • Sitorabonu Abduyeva Bux DPI

Ключевые слова:

jumping ability, speed-strength abilities, training program


To increase the level of jumping ability (high-speed strength abilities), a depth
jump training program has been developed, taking into account technical and tactical
actions in the game "Handball". Classes in the handball section are nothing more than a
well-organized and well-thought-out system in which the qualitative and quantitative
characteristics in the preparation of children correspond to both the general tasks of
physical education and age-specific ones. Jumping like motor quality, refers to the
speed-power abilities of a person. An indicator of a significant development of speedstrength training and, as a consequence, an increase in the quality of technical and
tactical actions is a good jump.